Brass Cap Brokerage is a relationship based company that makes every effort to maintain a good reputation to uphold integrity, accountability and collaboration in the real estate community. We strive to be the company that other brokerage firms enjoy working with. We feel that it is important to keep all lines of communication open during the process of locating and negotiating properties in this fast-moving and ever-changing market place.

Our company can assist in analyzing sub-markets and targeting properties that will provide value to your investment and development objectives. Brass Cap strives to expose you with sites that possess a combination of location, proximity to infrastructure and transportation routes, visibility, and within compatible zoning. Decades of experience in the market can provide access to landowners and brokers to give our clients the opportunity to negotiate, both, on and off market properties. Our development team can also provide assistance with site plans, site development estimates, entitlement services and construction estimates for prospective development sites to better grasp the total cost of your project.

Las Vegas still has that “small town good ‘ole boy network” and in some instances it can help to be in that circle to accomplish your goals in the local real estate world. Inside information is a must when navigating and exploring the most strategic locations for real estate investment and development.

Our brokerage team has extensive experience not in only in brokerage, but also escrow/title, design, planning, infrastructure, entitlement, development, leasing, marketing and management of most property asset classes. They say there is no better teacher than experience.

Brass Cap Brokerage can be your solution for a one-stop-shop.